About Groundswell


Groundswell is a registered charity which exists to enable homeless and vulnerable people to take more control of their lives, have a greater influence on services and to play a fuller role in our community.

We deliver a range of innovative projects which put homeless people at the heart of solutions to homelessness focusing on Client Involvement , Peer Research and Health.

Groundswell is People-Powered!

Lived experience of homelessness and using services brings with it a unique insight. It is essential that society utilises this if we are to tackle homelessness effectively.

The majority of our work is delivered by people with personal experience of homelessness – with volunteers playing a central and essential role. Click here to meet some of the Team.

Client Involvement and our Core Beliefs

We have a particular take on the importance of Client Involvement – and operate from a operate from a set of core beliefs:

We believe:

  • Inclusive solutions! The only way to genuinely tackle homelessness and social exclusion is by utilising the knowledge and expertise of people affected by these issues.

  • There is no Them & Us! – only Us! Groundswell brings everyone together to create effective solutions.

  • Involvement works! When everyone is involved, the process creates more effective services and enables people to regain their independence.

  • We believe in people! People are society’s most valuable resource, and everyone has the capacity to make a contribution.

  • The whole community benefits when we effectively tackle homelessness and social exclusion.

Thames Reach

In April 2012 Groundswell formed a partnership with Thames Reach – a provider of high quality services to homeless and vulnerable people whose aim is for the people they help to have decent homes, supportive relationships and fulfilling lives.

Groundswell remain an independent charity, but the formal partnership means that we now get support with governance and back office functions and are coordinating on business development – helping both organisations achieve our missions more effectively.

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