The Homeless People’s Commission

HPC Report presentation House of Lords

The HPC Policy Report is presented to the DCLG at the House of Lords.

Commissioners take a break in Cambridge.

Commissioners take a break in Cambridge.

The Homeless People’s Commission

In 2011 a group of 14 former rough sleepers from across England produced The Homeless People’s Commission Policy Report after spending a year hearing evidence from policy makers, service providers and researchers they presented their recommendations to improve policy to the Ministerial Working Group on Tackling Homelessness.

Homeless People’s Commission (HPC) sessions took place over seven residential events across the country where we used an adaptation of the Citizen’s Jury model to help us examine evidence, share experiences and develop recommendations.

“It was all new, it was great. I’d never before worked in a team who worked together so quickly, in an open way. We quickly jelled. Working with a lot of intelligent people with a lot of experience gave me an opportunity to share. Very stimulating.” Commission Member

The Report was launched at the House of Lords in May and presented to DCLG, and contains 93 recommendations proposing a comprehensive programme for government, local authorities, provider agencies and homeless people themselves.

Members of the Homeless People’s Commission made a presentation to the Ministerial Working Group on Tackling Homelessness – including Ministers and senior civil servants from eight Government Departments, which resulting in all Departments reporting on how they are involving homeless people directly in their work.

The Commission highlighted their own priority recommendations and a set of priority recommendations aimed specifically at central Government, these documents along the full Policy Report, a summary report and their recommendations to the Ministerial Working Group are available to download below.

The Homeless People’s Commission was funded by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and organised by Groundswell and policy expert Geoffrey Randall of Research and Information Services; with advice from SPEAKS.

Commissioners from around England continue to campaign for the recommendations armed with skills, experience and knowledge gained from their involvement in the HPC.

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