The Team

Adam Marshall

Adam Marshall

Volunteer Progression Manager
Adam joined Groundswell in May 2012 having worked in housing and homeless for almost 20 years for different organisations – statutory, voluntary – large and small; in a variety of roles from day centres to outreach, to floating support to casework. As he explains, “All this experience has been incredibly useful when thinking about the work that we do to support our clients and also what Groundswell can do to support its volunteers. I am a trainer, a coach and someone who is more and more interested in finding out exactly why involvement works.”

Ala Miah-min

Ala Miah

Project Worker
Ala started with Groundswell in late 2010 as a volunteer Peer Advocate and worked his way to being a Project Worker. He’s currently team leader for the HALT project working with people with Hep C. This involves assisting clients to attend their health appointments, making sure they understand about their medical condition, and looking at  how we can help overcome any barriers they are facing. Ala feels that “Going to these appointments and getting the treatment they deserve can change client’s lives. Most people who experience homelessness find it difficult to engage with health services, due to their appearance or personal hygiene and are not always acknowledged or treated fairly! This is where Groundswell step in and make a difference by supporting them with a peer advocate.”

Athol Halle

Athol Hallé

Chief Executive
Athol has worked with Groundswell since 2003, taking on the role of Chief Executive in 2006. His previous employers include Cardboard Citizens, Amnesty International UK and National Homeless Alliance – the organisation from which Groundswell originated. Athol is a fellow of the School for Social Entrepreneurs and of the Ariane de Rothschild Fellowship in Social Enterprise and Cross-Cultural Dialogue.


Bora Qirici

Case Worker
Bora joined Groundswell in September 2016 as a Case Worker. After training I was allocated to the Mobile Health Unit (MHU) with the Find and Treat team, covering Greater London. This role was introduced to support service users accessing health care via the MHU. Ongoing support is offered to vulnerable people of the community to enable them to access medical care. She is qualified in Health and Social Care and has previous volunteering experience alongside the MHU. As she explains, “My biggest satisfaction is knowing that I have contributed towards the health care of this particular group of people, who are socially and medically isolated”.

Dennis Rogers

Dennis Rogers

Case Worker
Dennis is a Case Worker on the Homeless Health Peer Advocacy service. Prior to this Dennis spent over ten years being homeless across two periods of his life – struggling with alcohol addiction. He has now been in recovery for nearly a decade and his advice to anyone else in a similar situation “Keep busy!”

Gerry Rolfe web

Gerry Rolfe

Case Worker

Gerry joined Groundswell in 2011 and trained as a Homeless Health Peer Advocate originally working with clients in Hammersmith & Fulham. Gerry pioneered running ‘Coffee Mornings’ in hostels and moved on to being a Project Worker in 2013. Gerry is now a Case Worker and manages the TB Peer Support project. “My greatest achievements are having been part of Groundswell when we won the Andy Ludlow Award and moving from volunteering to a paid position here.”

John Driscoll

John Driscoll

Project Worker
John is a HHPA Project Worker. His job is to support our clients to deal with the challenges and barriers that are put in front of them. This might be something simple like fares to travel or something more complicated – either way – it stops them getting the help they need. As he explains: “Having been homeless I understand the reasons why people struggle and also why services struggle to reach those that might need them most.  This is where Groundswell really helps – we are the bridge.  I passionately believe that clients have the right to be treated with dignity and empathy and because of this address their own health issues and see their own lives get back on track.”

Kate Bowgett 2

Kate Bowgett

Director of Advocacy
Kate has joined Groundswell in October 2012. Kate has been working in volunteer management for the last fifteen years. Her first job was managing London Nightline where she was the only paid member of staff, working with 100 volunteers. Since then she has worked in a variety of different volunteer management roles including National Volunteer Manager at Terrence Higgins Trust and Information Officer at Volunteering England. She has also managed projects making volunteering more accessible; spearheading the campaign to allow volunteers on benefits to claim lunch expenses. Kate has had several books on volunteering published, including ‘Good Practice Guide’, ‘Deciding Whether to Involve Volunteers’ and ‘Selecting Volunteers’ written for Volunteering England, and ‘Working With Volunteers: a Good Practice Guide for Refugee Community Organisations’ – written for the Evelyn Oldfield Unit.


Katie Langford

Groundswell Administrator

Katie joined Groundswell in 2015 on the Insight & Action Team as a volunteer researcher and then went on to train and work as a Homeless Health Peer Advocate. Coming from an arts background she has over 4 and half years’ experience of delivering arts and homeless provision to marginalized communities via her work with Streetwise Opera, Clean Break Theatre, Somebody’s Daughter Theatre Melbourne, The Koestler Trust and The Southbank Centre. Prior to this she worked in the commercial sector and brings over 10 years’ experience as an administrator and project manager. She is passionately committed to instigating change through the transforming power of art and community. She also manages to find time to continue volunteering with Streetwise Opera supporting participants at workshops and public performances.

Marcin Trocred

Marcin Troc

Eastern European Case Worker

Marcin joined Groundswell as a volunteer Homeless Health Peer Advocate in September 2013 and joined the staff team as an Eastern European Case Worker in 2015. Marcin says that the highlights of working at Groundswell are the opportunity to meet various people from around the UK and the world. He feels that being a Peer Advocate has allowed him to develop his active listening and language skills which play a key part in his role as Eastern European Case Worker. He has also built his confidence by doing the role, as he says “I have become a much more confident person, and my stuttering has decreased. I’ve made big progress in using English language on a day-to-day basis.”

Martin Burrows

Martin Burrows

Project Manager
Martin oversees Groundswell’s Insight and Action work and the day-to-day operations of the organisation. He joined Groundswell in April 2014 so he could follow his passion for peer–research and participatory practice. Previously Martin has worked for various homelessness organisations, at home and abroad, including Crisis, Broadway, Homeless Link and Casa Ioana (Bucharest).


Martin Murphy

Project Manager
Martin manages the Homeless Health Peer Advocacy Service in Westminster, Kensington and Chelsea and Hammersmith and Fulham. Martin has been with Groundswell since January 2011. With many years’ experience in the homelessness sector he has previously designed and delivered motivational training and employment programmes for a number of other homelessness charities, and is passionate about helping to increase opportunities for those who have experienced homelessness.


Oliver Hall

Mental Health Project Manager

Oliver has 13 years of experience working within the homeless sector in a range of different roles and joined Groundswell in March 2017  as the mental health project manager.  Oliver previously managed the Lambeth Community Options Team for Thames Reach, which supported people experiencing poor mental health within the community, and prior to joining Groundswell managed a supported housing project which supported people dealing with drug & Alcohol addiction and mental health problems.

Oliver is passionate about raising awareness and tackling the stigma surrounding mental health and homelessness.


Ricky Krokos

Case worker
Ricky has wide range of experience in Homelessness, Social Work and Outreach and he started at Groundswell in April 2016. He is working full time covering Grater London on the Mobile Health Unit (MHU) of Find and Treat, as the Outreach Worker supporting TB patients throughout the treatment. Ricky is also responsible for referring non TB and patients without GP from MHU for assistance of Groundswell. As he explains: “It brings me a lot of satisfaction to enable people to live happy, healthy, stable life”.


Rob Edgar

Peer Research Project Worker
Rob credits his volunteering work with Groundswell as playing a key part in his own move away from homelessness. He began volunteering with Groundswell in 2014 offering one-to-one support as a Homeless Health Peer Advocate, first specialising in supporting people diagnosed with tuberculosis. This has given him a deep understanding of the health issues homeless people face and the barriers they often meet to effective treatment. He strongly believes that homeless people have a right to have their voices heard and that this is key to improving services and creating meaningful change. Rob is also a board member for the London Homeless Health Programme.

Sharon Kirk

Sharon Clint

Project Manager
Sharon is one of the HHPA Project Managers, supporting the Peer Advocates in the boroughs of Hackney; Camden; Hounslow & Wandsworth. She has well over 10 years of experience working in the homelessness sector in a range of different roles from housing to drug & alcohol support and currently sits on the board for a small charity called MOSAC. “I truly believe all people should have the right to input into decisions made about their lives, treatment & care. Working for Groundswell allows me to see this put effectively into practice.”

Terry Murtagh

Terry Murtagh

Finance Officer
Terry is Groundswell’s long serving Finance Officer. He is responsible for the smooth running of all the finances at Groundswell. He started volunteering with Groundswell in 2004. From February – June 2006 he took part in the Enterprising Solutions Train the Trainers in SUI.  Then in July 2006 he was employed as the Administrator at Groundswell for 18 months. He then worked as the Finance Officer at Homeless Link, did another stint of volunteering at Groundswell before he becoming the Service User Involvement Co-ordinator at Revolving Doors in 2009. He has since given up the RDA role to concentrate fully on the finance role here.

Optimized-Tom Allen

Tom Allen

Project Officer
Tom has been a Project Officer at Groundswell since July 2015. He provides administrative support to Groundswell and works on our research projects. Before Groundswell Tom worked in front line services for people experiencing homelessness. He also has experience of working on housing policy at the Housing Association’s Charitable Trust and holds a master’s degree in Social Policy Research. Tom’s main motivation in working at Groundswell is a passion for reducing inequalities in society and the belief that to do this it’s crucial to include the whole of society.

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