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Groundswell believes that experience of homelessness is an asset – and that through volunteering that asset can be used to support others who are experiencing homelessness and change policy and services to make them more effective. Volunteering can also provide the structure and support that can help people move further away from homelessness and make a bigger contribution to our communities. As one of our volunteers explains:

“As a Peer you can share your experience and show there is a solution, then clients can find their own confidence and begin advocating for themselves.”

Volunteering is at the centre of Groundswell’s work. We offer volunteering opportunities to people who have experienced homelessness in the form of Peer Advocacy, Peer Education and Peer Research. All our volunteering opportunities are supported by our Volunteer Progression Programme.


Current Opportunities

Homeless Health Peer Advocacy: Peer Advocate

Role: Peer Advocate
Project: Homeless Health Peer Advocacy
Deadline for applications: 14th August  2017

Summary of Role: Homeless Health Peer Advocates offer one-to-one support for people experiencing homelessness to make and attend health appointments, overcoming the practical, personal and systemic barriers which prevent them from addressing their health needs. This involves, amongst other things, helping people register with GP’s and Dentists, attend GP and hospital appointments and provide company, support and advocacy during those appointments. The role will also include supporting health professionals to deliver health information to people living in a hostels across London.

To download an information pack and expression of interest form click here.

If you have any questions about becoming a Peer Advocate please contact Martin Murphy or call 03000 039 600.


Insight and Action: Peer Research

Role: Volunteer Peer Researcher
Project: Out of Pain out of Homelessness
Deadline for applications: Monday 14th August  2017

Summary of Role: We are looking for 6 volunteer Peer Researchers who have experience of homelessness to research the issue of physical pain with people who are currently homeless. As a peer Researcher you will visit homelessness services across London to speak to homeless people about their experiences to understand the scale of the issue, what the causes are and help develop solutions.

To download an information pack  and the application form  click here.

If you have any questions about becoming a Volunteer Peer Researcher contact Martin Burrows or call 03000 039 600.


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