Progression Programme

Empowering people out of homelessness

Groundswell takes a radically different approach to ending homelessness. We support volunteers through our Progression Programme, which takes an asset-based approach, starting with people’s strengths and experiences, and uses a coaching model to encourage people to develop inspiring goals and to work out their own solutions.

Our Progression Programme has evolved from 20 years of Groundswell supporting homeless people to take more control of their lives and enables people to use their experience of homelessness to make a positive contribution to society, whilst gaining the skills and confidence needed to progress their lives beyond homelessness.

We support every volunteer on their personal journey out of homelessness, delivering a person-centred programme of training, coaching, peer support and clinical supervision that builds skills, structure, self-worth, and inclusion. We deliver one-to-one coaching sessions, developing and working towards a personal progression plan with clear goals. Last year, we supported 57 peers and delivered 674 one-to-one progression meetings.

From 2010 to 2016 we supported 84 people to be HHPA volunteers, of which 55% have already moved into paid employment, 17% are currently volunteering for other charities, and 7% are currently in training or education. Groundswell’s Progression Programme has demonstrated an 85% success rate in supporting volunteers to progress their lives beyond homelessness.