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for people experiencing homelessness



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Winter health leaflet

Top tips for looking after your health this winter: updated in light of Omicron

Including top tips from staff with experience of homelessness, and up-to-date information on accessing healthcare, protection against flu and protection against COVID-19.


A new film about homelessness and healthcare

A free film and resource pack created to improve the health of people affected by homelessness, through better understanding of their experiences

COVID-19 testing and vaccines: what’s working for people facing homelessness?

In July 2021, we carried out 134 interviews with people experiencing homelessness in five locations across the country.

In this summary, we cover people’s experiences of accessing COVID-19 tests and vaccines and what’s working best so far.

Homeless Health Peer Advocacy

Using peer advocacy to ensure people experiencing homelessness access the healthcare they need

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Redesigning local health systems across the UK to ensure they work for everyone

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Peer research

Understanding challenges and developing solutions for change through the lived experience of homelessness

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