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for people experiencing homelessness


Join the virtual tour of Clarissa, a film created to improve the health of people affected by homelessness, through better understanding of their experiences

Latest research

#HealthNow peer research report: Understanding homeless health inequality in Greater Manchester

Volunteer researchers with lived experience of homelessness (Peer Researchers) carried out 51 interviews with people experiencing homelessness in Greater Manchester.

In collaboration with Shelter, the aim was to identify the barriers to healthcare access at a local level for people experiencing homelessness, and develop action plans to eradicate them.

Latest resources

Poster and leaflet

COVID-19: Guidance on keeping yourself and others safe

Written in July 2021, our up-to-date COVID-19 guide for people experiencing homelessness. It covers symptoms, testing, protecting yourself and others, and getting vaccinated

Homeless Health Peer Advocacy

Using peer advocacy to ensure people experiencing homelessness access the healthcare they need

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Redesigning local health systems across the UK to ensure they work for everyone

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Peer Research

Understanding challenges and developing solutions for change through the lived experience of homelessness

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