The Escape Plan

The Escape Plan
09/07/2009 will

Groundswell Timeline /2009

The Escape Plan is a piece of peer-led research created by Groundswell. Interviews were conducted by Andrew Campbell and Michael ‘Spike’ Hudson, both of whom are professional researchers who have personal experience of homelessness. This document was intended as a practical tool for homeless people to design their own escape plan. It was a product of the Escape Plan findings and an academic report also exists.

The Escape Plan used a 360 degree approach, interviewing people who had overcome homelessness in addition to a personal and professional contact of theirs. Although everyone is different, common themes emerged to inform the report and the tool. These themes have been used in self-help settings with positive effects.

This piece of research has formed the basis of courses run with homeless groups and individuals in Recovery Colleges in the UK as a practical solution to their homelessness. This cutting edge work generated international interest which resulted in study visits from France, the Czech Republic and enquiries from the United States and Australia. It is still being used today.

View the Escape Plan notebook.