Groundswell launch ‘What a shame!’ video

Groundswell launch ‘What a shame!’ video
20/07/2018 Becky Evans

As part of our ‘From the Ground Up’ project in partnership with the Pavement Magazine we bought together people who have been homeless or work with homeless people together with members of the public to explore how homelessness is seen. This video is dedicated to the late Kevin Headley, our dear friend and volunteer who features at the start of the video.

From the Ground Up

We report on the issues that matter to people experiencing homelessness and work to identify solutions, led by people who know best – those who have been there themselves. Our Peer Journalists are trained and supported to use their lived experience to work with homeless people. Then take their findings directly to service staff, policy makers and people experiencing homelessness to bring about change.

Read the full edition in the Pavement magazine here.