The Patient Experience whilst experiencing homelessness – call for evidence

Today we are announcing a call for evidence from around England about the experience of people using NHS services whilst homeless.

As part of the #HealthNow partnership aimed at identifying and tackling the barriers to health equality for people experiencing homelessness, we are working with the Patient Experience Library to produce a literature review.  The aim of the review is to improve understanding of health inequalities and patient experience from the point of view of people experiencing homelessness.

The review will inform the activities of a national #HealthNow Alliance and inform future peer led research.  To submit evidence please email reports to #HealthNow Director Jenny: by 23rd September 2019.

What evidence are we looking for?

  • Evidence of the views of people who have used NHS services or public health commissioned services (e.g. health visiting, screening, immunisations and addictions services) whilst homeless.
  • This may include evidence of families experiencing homelessness.
  • This may include evidence which focuses on a specific health condition or demographic.
  • Evidence where people providing their views have properly consented to this being used in such a way.
  • Evidence which is available to be used in a report that will be distributed and available publicly.
  • Evidence from 2014 onwards.

What evidence are we not looking for?

  • Any evidence about using NHS services which has not been generated by gathering the views and experience of people whilst homeless.
  • Evidence relating to people’s views and experiences of services which are not commissioned or delivered by the NHS or through Public Health.
  • Any evidence which is already within the Patient Experience Library (you can search here).
  • Any evidence that does not relate to people who have experienced using NHS services in England.

What will we do with the evidence?

  • Evidence will be added to the Patient Experience Library and categorised.
  • All evidence will be analysed to identify and report on key themes.
  • Any evidence used in the literature review will be included in a list of relevant documents and will be fully attributed.
  • Any quotes used will be properly referenced.
  • The literature review will be published and widely distributed by all #HealthNow partners (Groundswell, Crisis and Shelter), presented to the #HealthNow Alliance and used to shape future activities and peer research.


Click here to see the short document of frequently asked questions to clarify definitions.