#HealthNow partnership with Crisis and Shelter

Groundswell Timeline / 2019

In October 2019 we launched our #HealthNow campaign with Crisis and Shelter. The four year partnership was funded by the National Lottery Community Fund with a grant of over £1.5million. #HealthNow is a UK wide campaign, working towards an inclusive health system where everyone has access to the health care they need; ultimately moving people out of homelessness.

The partnership operates in three locations – Greater Manchester (led by Shelter), Birmingham and Newcastle (led by Crisis). Each local area we carry out peer research into local homeless health inequalities and form local alliances to address the issues. This insight will be taken to a national #HealthNow alliance made up of people with experience of homelessness and those working within homelessness and health, with the aim to work together to coproduce solutions to the issues highlighted. Each local area will also set up their own Homeless Health Peer Advocacy (HHPA) service, supporting local people experiencing homelessness to address their health needs.