Trauma, gender and culture-informed care: How to embed it in your services

Event to discuss the findings of the literature review and models of support for people facing multiple disadvantage.

Fulfilling Lives Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham (LSL) commissioned a research and evaluation partnership of New Philanthropy Capital (NPC), Groundswell and the Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research at Sheffield Hallam University.Through Fulfilling Lives LSL’s work, it was identified that access to services, transition through services and the way that systems behave towards people facing multiple disadvantages are key areas in a person’s journey. 


The literature review is a step towards learning more about the existing evidence on the effects of these areas on people facing multiple disadvantage. 

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The main findings of the review include:

  • While many services provide effective support for the majority of people they support, they can also experience difficulties in effectively engaging those living in complex situations or address issues of long-term recovery.  ‘Non-engagement’ may reflect systemic barriers to accessing services rather than being a consequence of individual behaviour. 
  • Social characteristics such as race and ethnicity, gender, disability, sexuality, age and family status can influence the rates and presentation of multiple disadvantages well as patterns of access to support and services.  
  • The evidence revealed a range of approaches which offer positive responses to delivering services for people facing multiple disadvantage. 
  • There is increasing recognition in the literature that to be truly trauma-informed, services must recognisethe specific needs and experiences of their diverse client group.  

Join us on Friday 18th September from 2pm to 3pm for an online discussion exploring the findings of the literature review and models of support for people facing multiple disadvantage. We will focus specifically on the importance of trauma, gender and culturally-informed care. Register to attend these free, virtual event.