Progress lives out of homelessness this Christmas: donate today

Progress lives out of homelessness this Christmas: donate today
06/12/2022 Becky Evans

Donate towards Groundswell’s Progression programme and support people like Manu on their journey out of homelessness.

My name is Manu and I’m from Algeria. I was homeless in Westminster for 12 years. I was very ill but too scared to go to hospital – I didn’t have papers and thought I’d be deported.

Dennis from Groundswell met me and helped me go to hospital. He had been homeless too but was now a volunteer. He talked to me and came with me to all my appointments.

I joined Groundswell as a volunteer, but I was still having issues with benefits, immigration, and my housing. Groundswell’s Progression team provided the help I needed: they accompanied me to the doctor, to the job centre, to immigration meetings.

The Progression team work 100% from the heart. They do an amazing job – they help me, so I have time to help others.  When I started volunteering for Groundswell, I was so happy. When you’re in a position to help it makes you appreciate life and things are better.

If it wasn’t for Groundswell I wouldn’t be sitting here today.

Watch Manu share more of his story below

Groundswell’s Progression programme provides support for people who have been homeless, helping people to deliver our services and improve their own lives.  

Our experienced Progression Coaches can help with a wide range of problems, including sorting housing disputes, navigating social services, and applying for benefits. They also offer guidance and advice with accessing training, building skills and confidence, and moving into employment.  

Donate today and help provide practical and emotional support for people moving out of homelessness this Christmas. 

Thank you for your support – from everyone here at Groundswell. 

Donate today to help people like Manu progress out of homelessness

£5 can pay for a Groundswell coach to accompany someone to a benefits assessment 

£11 can pay for a session of 1-1 coaching to tackle issues around money, housing and health  

£26 can pay for a day of training for a volunteer to deliver health advocacy for others experiencing homelessness 

£60 can pay for a counselling session to help a person who has been homeless deal with past trauma and improve their mental health