Get involved with the London Participation Network

10 May 2022

We are building a London Participation Network with Healthy London Partnership.

It will bring together people with direct experience of homelessness to tackle health inequalities.

Are you London-based organisation? Here’s how to get involved.

Groundswell are pleased to be supporting Healthy London Partnership to increase participation of people with lived experience of homelessness in their work on homeless health.

Utilising our extensive experience delivering frontline health services and conducting peer research in London we will ensure the insight our work has generated feeds into the key priorities of the partnership.

Based on learning from our #HealthNow model we are building a London Participation Network to bring together people with direct experience of homelessness.

The network will raise awareness of the issues faced by people experiencing homelessness and work with stakeholders to coproduce effective solutions to overcome them.

“Talking about homelessness can help to kill the stigma and shame and inform people of the facts in a solution focused way.

It’s about ending stereotypes, assumptions and misinformation about people experiencing homelessness and acknowledging the systemic issues which need to change to end homelessness once and for all”

– Sarah, London Participation Network member


Get involved

We’re looking for organisations who are:

  • London-based
  • working with people who have direct experience of homelessness, who would want to help tackle homeless health inequality

If that’s you or you would like further details, please contact [email protected]