Ozgur Gencalp

Ozgur Gencalp

Health Promotion Manager

Oz joined Groundswell in February 2021 to support our vaccination work. He is now responsible for managing our health promotion and in-reach work within HHPA London. Oz joined Groundswell with extensive experience in Health and Social Care, and Refugee and Migrant Rights sectors. Due to his prior political activism, he believes in participation, which forms his favourite part of Groundswell’s values.

He is committed to ending health inequalities for people experiencing homelessness and loves dedicating his time to creating a better world for all. His cordial approach to our partners, colleagues and people we work with and for, helped Groundswell improve its vaccination, health promotion and in-reach work.

Outside of work, he is a keen cyclist, enjoy solving challenging puzzles and reading. He thinks that it is our duty to improve ourselves and help one and other.

Oz says that a better world is possible and believes in the power of participation in solving many of today’s problems.