Coronavirus advice

Resources to support people experiencing homelessness during COVID-19

Short accessible guides for people experiencing homelessness

Made in collaboration with people with experience of homelessness, and medical professionals.


COVID-19: Guidance on keeping yourself and others safe

July 2021

Our up-to-date COVID-19 guide for people experiencing homelessness. It covers symptoms, testing, protecting yourself and others, and getting vaccinated.

It is available in an A4 self-print format and in A6 leaflet form for professional printing.

COVID-19 Advice Archive

Guides based on official advice

Advice by NHS England, Public Health England and the Department for Work and Pensions, throughout the pandemic. Please note, some of the guidance may now be out of date. 

Messaging has been adapted so people who are homeless can apply it to their current situation. The guidance has had clinical approval.

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Advice for people dependent on drugs during COVID-19

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Advice for people dependent on alcohol during COVID-19

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Advice for managing your well-being during COVID-19

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Protecting yourself from the flu – the flu vaccine

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COVID-19 & single room projects (Housing Justice)

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COVID-19 & communal night shelters (Housing Justice)

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COVID-19: protecting yourself and others

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