Coronavirus advice for people experiencing homelessness

Groundswell have developed resources to support people experiencing homelessness during the current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.


COVID-19: lockdown 3 and homelessness

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COVID-19: protecting yourself and others

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    Working with our peers (people with experience of homelessness) and partners Groundswell has produced  resources for helping those who are homeless during the coronavirus pandemic.

    These guides are based on current guidance from the NHS England, Public Health England and the Department for Work and Pensions; with messaging adapted so people who are homeless can apply it to their current situation. The guidance has had clinical approval.

    We will be updating these documents as frequently as possible as guidance changes. Keep an eye on our Twitter feed and sign up to our #HealthNow newsletter to stay updated. 

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    COVID-19 & single room projects (Housing Justice)

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    COVID-19 & communal night shelters (Housing Justice)

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    In collaboration with Groundswell, the Pavement have produced a magazine on ‘Health & Wellbeing in a crisis’:

    Front cover of the Health & Wellbeing in a crisis Pavement magazine

    Podcast and other resources

    We have produced a podcast (below) summarising the key advice and messages for people who are homeless. This podcast, along with Groundswell’s other podcasts can be found on sites including Anchor, Spotify and Google Podcasts – search ‘Groundswell’ and subscribe for free.

    In addition to producing specific advice for people who are homeless during the coronavirus pandemic,in collaboration with our #HealthNow partners we have also developed resources to support local task force planning for COVID-19 response for people who are experiencing homelessness. View our ‘Listen Up!’ resources and find out more here.

    We know that planning and response to coronavirus is moving quickly and we will be updating these documents based on national guidance, feedback from partners and our ongoing consultation with people who are experiencing homelessness.

    We appreciate comments and feedback on the materials we have produced. Share your views by contacting us on Twitter @itsGroundswell or by emailing

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