#HealthNow Greater Manchester

In Greater Manchester, housing charity Shelter deliver #HealthNow.

This involves managing the local Homeless Health Peer Advocacy (HHPA) service and overseeing the local #HealthNow alliance.


Email: #[email protected]

Twitter: @HealthNowGM

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Homeless Health Peer Advocacy (HHPA)

Shelter operate a HHPA service for #HealthNow Greater Manchester.

Volunteer Peer Advocates with experience of homelessness work to improve the confidence of people facing homelessness in using health services and increase their ability to access healthcare independently.

To refer to the service in Greater Manchester, email: #[email protected]


#HealthNow peer research report: Understanding homeless health in Greater Manchester

July 2021

Between November – December 2020, five volunteer researchers with lived experience of homelessness (Peer Researchers) carried out 51 interviews with people experiencing homelessness in Greater Manchester.

The aim was: to identify the barriers to healthcare access at a local level for people experiencing homelessness, and develop action plans to eradicate them.

The findings are consistent with the #HealthNow research undertaken in Birmingham and Newcastle alongside our project highlighting issues such as accessing dentists, digital exclusion brought by healthcare access going online and long waiting lists for mental health support.