#HealthNow Newcastle

In Newcastle, homelessness charity Crisis are delivering #HealthNow. This involves managing the local Homeless Health Peer Advocacy (HHPA) service and overseeing the local #HealthNow alliance across Newcastle.

Chris Reed (pictured) is Newcastle’s #HealthNow Coordinator. He says:

“I’m looking forward to working with Groundswell, Shelter, Crisis and collaborating widely with other stakeholders to reduce health inequality and increase positive health outcomes for people who are homeless in Newcastle and across the partnership regions.  I’m keen to start the research, benefiting from Groundswells experience of peer lead research methods and training, as well as setting up the Homeless Health Peer Advocacy service in Newcastle. I’m excited to be doing something that has real impact on the lives of people experiencing homelessness, and working with people with lived experience to help deliver our aims.”

Chris’ top priorities are:

  • Working as a team with partners to design services informed by people with lived experience of homelessness
  • Working and collaborating through co-production on the project overall
  • Meeting and making contacts throughout Newcastle to contribute towards our local #HealthNow alliance
  • Designing and delivering Homeless Health Peer Advocacy (HHPA)
  • Learning new things together and supporting each other across Newcastle, Greater Manchester and Birmingham

If you are based in Newcastle and have experience of homelessness, or work within the homelessness or health sectors, Chris would love to hear from you to see how you can be involved in #HealthNow. Drop him an email: [email protected]

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