Our approach to research

All of Groundswell’s research is carried out by people who have experienced homelessness themselves, or is informed by those who have experienced homelessness.

We believe the starting point for making positive social change is finding out what is really going on.

People who have been pushed into homelessness and other social problems have a unique insight into how systems work – and where they don’t work.

Peer research methodology

Using our ‘peer research’ methodology means we:

  • build trust
  • gather real stories, insights and experiences ‘from the ground’
  • understand deeply the challenges faced by people experiencing homelessness
  • develop achievable, practical solutions to create change based on what we hear.

Researchers with experience of homelessness, our ‘peer researchers’, are involved throughout the design and delivery of all our research – deciding on the topics, questions and language put to the research participants.

All our peers receive training before they begin as a researcher.

The product of our research can be a report, an event or creating new resources. We always focus on practical recommendations and a clear and shared plan of action to create change.

Work with us

Using our peer research methodology we deliver a range of research, evaluation and consultation projects for commissioners including national government, local authorities and other not-for-profit organisations.