‘My right to healthcare’ cards

Everyone has a right to healthcare. But registering with a GP can be very difficult when you are homeless.

‘My right to healthcare’ cards can help people register.

The problem

We hear time and again how people experiencing homelessness face barriers when registering at a GP practice. This is just not right.

Anyone who registers:

  • Does not need a fixed address.
  • Does not need identification.
  • Their immigration status does not matter.

What is a ‘My right to healthcare’ card?

The cards are designed to be business card size. They can be kept in a pocket and shown when registering for healthcare. We want to spread the word that being denied access to a GP practice is not acceptable.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccination roll out, NHS England and Improvement launched a campaign, based on Groundswell’s cards, to promote GP registration and access for everyone in England.

Cards can be downloaded to print, using the button below.


This film was created by James Phillips films as Groundswell’s prize for winning the Homeless Link’s ‘Communicating for Change’ award in 2019. The award celebrates the impact communications can have to engage, change behaviour and improve lives.