‘My Right to Healthcare’ Cards

Registration with a GP Practice can be difficult when you are homeless. We’ve produced ‘My Rights to Healthcare Cards’ to help get people registered with a GP practice.

If you go to register with a GP Practice remember that you have a right to register and use all the services in the GP practice:

You do not need a fixed address.

You do not need identification.

Your immigration status does not matter.

Groundswell’s More than a Statistic research revealed that one of the key barriers that people who are homeless face to getting healthcare is registering and making use of a GP practice.

Working with the Healthy London Partnership, Groundswell  produced the ‘My Right to Healthcare Card’. So far over 90,000 have been distributed across London to try and spread the word that being denied access to a GP practice is not acceptable. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccination roll out, NHS England and Improvement have launched a campaign, based on Groundswell’s cards, to promote GP registration and access for everyone in England. 

To request some of the NHSE/I GP access cards complete this short form, Homeless Link are coordinating the nationwide distribution.

If you are supporting someone who is homeless to register with a GP, this ‘how to guide’ may help you support them to overcome any possible barriers.

The front of the my right to healthcare cards
The reverse side of the my right to healthcare cards

Groundswell’s ‘Right to Healthcare’ Card

The cards are designed to be business card and A6 flyer size. We will be distributing these across London to homelessness services. When we have run out you can download the print files by clicking the link below and they can be printed cheaply by business card printers.

Download Right to Healthcare Card


Download Right to Healthcare Guidance

For ease of printing and to ensure Rights to Healthcare cards are of high quality, we recommend our supplier Doodle Graphic Design & Illustration who provide professional, cost effective printing.

This film was created by James Phillips films as Groundswell’s prize for winning the Homeless Link’s ‘Communicating for Change’ award in 2019. The award celebrates the impact communications can have to engage, change behaviour and improve lives.