Creating change

Groundswell brings together insight from people with experience of homelessness, we use this insight to tackle issues through changing practice and challenging policy. We believe that the experience of homelessness brings insight that can help tackle the issues of homelessness and create change.

We create change by challenging policy, changing practice and increasing awareness.

Challenging policy and changing practice 

  • Groundswell’s Insight and Action team delivers a range of innovative peer led research and consultation projects to gather real insight on homelessness for commissioners including national government, local authorities and charities.
  • We use the views and experiences of the people we work with to create action locally and nationally that challenges policy and breaks down barriers to good support and healthcare.
  • Our #HealthNow campaign which aims to unite people with experience of homelessness with health and homeless sector partners to co-produce local level and national solutions to the problem of health inequality.

Increasing awareness 

  • We strive to keep the issue of homelessness in the forefront of people’s minds by communicating the experiences of people who are homeless. 
  • Through our Insight and Action research Groundswell raises awareness and understanding of barriers to accessing health and other homelessness services. 
  • We’re committed to ensuring people see homelessness as a structural issue and not the consequence of an individual’s choices or actions; changes need to be made in society to end homelessness.
Person talking to a GP