Our Vision / Mission / Core Beliefs

Groundswell’s Vision

Our vision is of an equal and inclusive society, where the solutions to homelessness come from the people with experience of homelessness.

Two volunteers walking and talking

Groundswell’s Mission

Groundswell exists to enable people who have experience of homelessness to create solutions and move themselves out of homelessness – to benefit of our whole society.

Our Core Beliefs

  1. The whole community benefits when we effectively tackle homelessness and social exclusion.
  2. We believe in people. People are society’s most valuable resource, and everyone has the capacity to make a contribution.
  3. There is no “them” and “us” – only us. Groundswell brings everyone together to create genuine solutions to homelessness.
  4. Participation works. Supporting people to participate creates more effective services and policy – and crucially enables people to move out of homelessness.