Why donate?

Everyone has the right to a safe home

Everyone has the right to contribute to society 

Everyone has the right to good health

Everyone has the right to access healthcare

Everyone has the right to be heard

People who are affected by services and policies should inform the solution

Society should work for everyone

Groundswell exists to enable people who have experience of homelessness to create solutions and move themselves out of homelessness – to benefit of our whole society. We work with people with experience of homelessness, offering opportunities to contribute to society and create solutions to homelessness. Participation is at our core because the experience of homelessness is crucial in making decisions that affect lives and ultimately help people to move out of homelessness.

Make a donation today to help move people out of homelessness.

“Simply put, Groundswell are the stitches that keep the homeless and health professionals working together.” – Former HHPA London client

By making a donation you are helping people who are homeless across country get the healthcare they need to move out of homelessness. Working together and listening to people who have experienced the tragedy of being homeless we can create change: in people’s lives and in the systems that create inequalities.

“Groundswell have achieved the not so small miracle of keeping me as an outpatient rather than an inpatient. I have not been an inpatient from the day Groundswell became involved consistently attending appointments successfully.” – Former HHPA London client

Two of Groundswell's Peer Advocates talking