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“Simply put, Groundswell are the stitches that keep the homeless and health professionals working together.” – Former Client

Homelessness is a national scandal on everyone’s radar. Rough sleeping in the UK has increased by a devastating 169% since 2010, Homeless Link estimate that 4,751 people sleep out every single night. This figure hardly scratches the surface as many people are not counted, the national homelessness charity Crisis estimate that 62% of people experiencing homelessness are living in temporary or unstable accommodation such as hostels, night shelters, squats, or staying with friends and family short-term.

Groundswell is a charity with big plans and a unique approach. Our team of 35 volunteers have all experienced homelessness. They know first-hand the fear, loneliness, stigma and challenges our clients are facing. They use this experience and understanding to help others who are currently homeless.

Make a donation today to help move people out of homelessness.

Our focus is health. Poor physical and mental health can affect anyone: housed or rough sleeping, rich or poor. Poor health is perpetuated by the experience of homelessness: people experiencing homelessness have highly complex health needs resulting in an average age of death of 47 years, over 30 years younger than the general population. Find out more about the poor health experienced by homeless people.

By making a donation you are helping homeless people across the country get the healthcare they need to move out of homelessness. Working together and listening to people who have experienced the tragedy of being homeless we can create change: in people’s lives and in the systems that create homeless health inequalities.

“Groundswell have achieved the not so small miracle of keeping me as an outpatient rather than an inpatient. I have not been an inpatient from the day Groundswell became involved consistently attending appointments successfully.” – Former Client

Two of Groundswell's Peer Advocates talking