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22/05/2024 Nikki Dudley
Text reads: Diabetes doesn't discriminate. But access to healthcare often does. Photo of two men in conversation, smiling and looking relaxed.

Too often, people experiencing homelessness can’t access the healthcare they need. 63% are living with a long-term health condition like diabetes.  

Imagine trying to inject your insulin, monitor your insulin levels, and eat a balanced diet without a safe place to live. 

This Diabetes Awareness Week, Groundswell Homeless Health Caseworker, Mark and TV and film actor, Gethin Anthony, met to discuss their own experience of having diabetes, and what it’s like for people experiencing homelessness. 

Please read on to find out more about the work our Homeless Health Peer Advocates do and how a donation could support this work. 

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Thanks to Groundswell’s Homeless Health Peer Advocacy (HHPA) service, people can get the healthcare and treatment they need.

HHPA reaches over 500 people each year and is proven to support people with attending vital health appointments and manage their health better.  

Can you stand with us? We want to ensure people experiencing homelessness living with conditions like diabetes get the same treatment and care as everyone else.

If you can support our work with a donation, it will make a real difference. 

£5 could pay for a volunteer’s travel to accompany a person experiencing homelessness to a vital health appointment. £25 could pay for a Groundswell Caseworker to attend a GP appointment alongside a person experiencing homelessness and support them to advocate for what they need. £56 could pay for Groundswell staff to spend time with health and social care services, ensuring they work together to fix someone’s health problems. £266 could pay for four ‘in-reach’ health events at hostels and day centres, providing access to vaccinations, nurses, dentists, podiatrists and more. £600 could pay for a three-week course of training for a person with experience of homelessness to become a volunteer Homeless Health Peer Advocate, who can go on to improve the health of people experiencing homelessness right now.
A picture of Mark Leonard, Groundswell's Homeless Health Case Worker

“As a Homeless Health Peer Advocate, I support people to improve their health and their lives. As someone who has experienced homelessness and also has type 2 diabetes, I have the expertise to respond to my clients’ needs because of what I’ve been through and what I’ve learned. The work we do is rewarding and feels like it’s making a real impact.”


-Homeless Health Caseworker, Mark

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Everyone deserves access to healthcare. We need your support to make this happen.