#HealthNow Birmingham

In Birmingham, homelessness charity Crisis are delivering #HealthNow. This involves managing the local Homeless Health Peer Advocacy (HHPA) service and overseeing the local #HealthNow alliance across Birmingham..

Frances Schofield (pictured) is Birmingham’s #HealthNow Coordinator. She says:

I’m really excited to join the #HealthNow Network and am inspired by the important and innovative peer research already underway across the UK. I’m looking forward to uniting people with experience of homelessness and key stakeholders to drive system change in Birmingham. Working together, we have a real opportunity to address homeless health inequalities and develop inclusive and effective services that work for everyone.


Frances’ top priorities as she kicks off #HealthNow Birmingham are:

  • Creating a steering group of experts by experience to give focus and direction to the #HealthNow Project in Birmingham
  • Getting to know local partners in health and homelessness services, supporting each other and learning together
  • Supporting the development of our #HealthNow alliance: engaging with stakeholders and ensuring the alliance is truly peer-led
  • Being flexible and creative as we identify and respond to new issues arising from the pandemic 
  • Working as a #HealthNow team to share learning across Birmingham, Newcastle and Greater Manchester, translating local insight into national action

If you are based in Birmingham and have experience of homelessness, or work within the homelessness or health sectors, Frances would love to hear from you to see how you can be involved in #HealthNow. Drop her an email: frances.schofield@crisis.org.uk.

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