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  • An NHS lanyard

    Peer Advocate Lanyard

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    Dennis Rogers was in the first tranche of peers trained in 2010. Dennis has been key in developing the role…

  • The Health Peer Educator High-vis jakcet

    TB Peer Educator Hi-Vis

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    Groundswell’s first significant peer intervention into health came with the TB Peer Education Project in 2009. Peers went out with…

  • Image of the escape plan booklet

    The Escape Plan

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    The Escape Plan is a piece of peer-led research created by Groundswell. Interviews were conducted by Andrew Campbell and Michael…

  • Image of the enterprising solutions training manual

    Enterprising Action

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    This training manual was part of a project which encouraged homeless individuals to utilise entrepreneurial skills in their journey out…

  • An image of the listening to homeless people report

    Listening to Homeless People

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    This project responded to a need for better health services for homeless people. It explored how homeless people were being…