Toolkit for Change

Toolkit for Change
09/07/2002 will

Groundswell Timeline /2002

Toolkit for Change was a self-help manual and directory for groups of socially excluded people working to improve their lives. It includes many examples of self-help groups and their working practices. It also offers advice on how to set a group up.

This was a free publication and it contains many practical and useful ideas for those who have no or little recourse to funding. It continues the theme of empowerment that is evident throughout Era 1 and which still forms a core element of Groundswell’s work today.

Toolkit for Change emphasises the sheer scale of the Groundswell network and how it grew from the first newsletter. This toolkit made a significant difference to groups who both started out with nothing and those who wanted to learn from others. It illustrates the diversity of the Groundswell network and the diversity of its activities and it brings back fond memories of the national Forums.