Toolkits and information sheets

The following tool kits and information sheets have been produced by the WHHCP. As you will see several of the tool kits were produced when the WHHCP was run by St Mungo’s and were created in partnership with other organisations we identified as best practice; others have been updated since the project moved to Groundswell. Some of the tool kits suggested below are from other organisations and are examples of best practice.


    Information sheets


    A&E client information sheet

    249.24 KB

    This is an example of good practice developed by Kings College. It should be filled out by staff in supported housing and given to ambulance crew when a client goes to hospital, with aim of reducing inappropriate hospital discharges and improve information sharing.


    Check list if a client self-discharges from hospital

    521.30 KB

    This document provides a check list of actions to take if a client self-discharges from hospital and returns to your service whilst possibly still unwell.


    GP access action update

    631 KB

    Too many people experiencing homelessness are wrongly turned away from GP surgeries. This document explains people’s rights when registering with a GP and can be printed as a takeaway guide.


    Methods to provide in-house counselling

    542.23 KB

    This document explains the options available if you are considering offering counselling at your service.


    Spice warning poster

    286.04 KB

    A poster that can printed out detailing the facts about Spice and how to reduce harm.


    Health treatment refusal form

    386.84 KB

    This form can be used as a tool to encourage clients to accept health treatment (e.g. ambulance call out to hospital) and to document when treatment has been declined.


    Smooth transitions guidance

    325.37 KB

    This form can be used to reflect on best practice when transitioning clients to another service and to provide a handover of health information to a new service


    Coroners and inquest information sheet

    547.12 KB

    This document aims to provide information about what to expect if coroners attend your service and how to prepare for an inquest.


    Bed bug management information sheet

    541.59 KB

    This document provides information how to best deal with bed bugs, with best practice collated from Westminster Services.


    Westminster key contact sheet

    311.03 KB

    This document can be printed so staff have easy access to safeguarding teams for children and adults, MARAC and Care Act Assessment


    Managing medication:

    235 KB

    A briefing developed by HHCP and Homeless Link


    COVID-19 vaccinations at your service

    317 KB

    This document suggests possible methods to increase COVID-19 vaccinations at your service; including tips before a vaccination clinic, and relevant information needed after a vaccination.