Room-to-Breathe: Action Guide

Room-to-Breathe: Action Guide
09/07/2016 will

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The Room-to-Breathe Action Guide is designed to be a self-help tool to aid homeless people to identify and seek treatment for respiratory health issues. It was designed based on the findings of the in-depth research phase of the Insight and Action Project. The format has an interactive ‘fill-in-the-box’ element and includes a poster that showcases the findings of the research.

The Insight and Action Project marked a return for Groundswell to delivering Peer Research and campaigning with a focus on health and homelessness. The concept of Insight and Action was born out of the recognition that Peer Advocates are in a unique position to understand health inequalities and barriers to accessing services experienced by homeless people. Respiratory Health was identified as a key issue that homeless people face and the Room-to-Breathe Project explored this in-depth by speaking to over 330 people experiencing homelessness across London.

Since it’s inception Groundswell’s Insight and Action model has explored many health issues and developed information for change. Find out more.

Read the Room to Breathe action guide and the full research report now.