Christmas Appeal

Support Groundswell this Christmas
28/11/2023 elvina

Stand in solidarity with people affected by homelessness this Christmas

We believe in people. This Christmas to stand in solidarity with people affected by homelessness. Adrian, Dennis, Tracey and Jan are using their experience of homelessness and turning it into life saving support for others living in crisis.

Hear from our people


“After doing the volunteer training I felt quite anxious. Can I really support people with their complex health needs?

In fact, as my confidence grew, I realised how much I had in common with people and how much I could empathise. I’m now a Caseworker and I’m doing the best job I’ve ever had.”


“With homelessness, you’ve got to be there, and you’ve got to experience it to know. You need to feel the cold in your bones and then you’ll know.”


“When people find out you’ve been a rough sleeper… everyone’s on the same level. They will engage with you.”


“Sometimes if my clients don’t go to their appointments and I find out why and it can open a big can of worms. It could be domestic violence, it could be being bullied, or benefits have stopped or various things with health issues on top of this.”

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