COVID-19 vaccine

Accessible info for people experiencing homelessness and frontline workers

Video for frontline workers

The film aims to share experiences of ‘what works’ when rolling out the COVID-19 vaccine to people experiencing homelessness.

It’s based on frontline homelessness and health team workers’ experiences, and feedback from people with experience of homelessness.

Accompanying document

Our short guide outlines communications advice and practical steps for supporting people in your service to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

Information leaflets

Short accessible guides for people experiencing homelessness

Made in collaboration with people with experience of homelessness, and medical professionals.

We can print and send these leaflets to your service for FREE.

About the development of the vaccine

Answering questions on how the vaccine works, its development, access and how we know it’s safe for us all.

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After the vaccine

For people who want to understand how the vaccine works, why they must follow Government restrictions and possible side effects.

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The 2nd COVID vaccine dose

The latest information on receiving the second vaccine dose. Translations coming soon.

Easy print black and white version available here.

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Receiving the vaccine

Explaining who is getting the COVID-19 vaccine first, how to get the vaccine, what the vaccine does and how we know it’s safe.

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Youth vaccine campaign

Groundswell and St Basils have joined forces to co-produce an information campaign to encourage uptake of the COVID-19 vaccine among young people experiencing homelessness.

Other useful resources

  • Public Health England have created a series of short videos to explain the vaccine and answer questions; you can view them on their YouTube channel.
  • Doctors and Nurses from NHS England & NHS Improvement London have recorded messages in some of the most commonly spoken languages in the capital about the COVID-19 vaccine. View these here. 
  • The BME Health  Forum have created vaccine information videos in Arabic, Kurdish, Farsi, Pushto, Tamil, Turkish, Gujurati, Urdu, Punjabi , Sylheti and Somali. View these here.

GP Registration and access

‘How to guide’ to help those supporting people impacted by homelessness to register with a GP

GP registration is always important as a gateway into the health system; it is particularly important to ensure people can access the COVID-19 vaccine. It is likely that people who aren’t registered with a GP will be excluded from the COVID-19 vaccine rollout plan; this will vary across the country. View the ‘how to guide’ here. 

NHS campaign to encourage GP access for all

Since 2016 Groundswell and the Healthy London partnership have been working together to promote GP registration and access for people who are homeless across London through our ‘my right to healthcare’ card campaign.

As GP registration is highlighted as an important factor in accessing the COVID-19 vaccine, NHS England and Improvement have launched a campaign based on Groundswell’s cards, reinforcing that the NHS is open to all and everyone is welcome to access a GP.

Order cards for free here, we will send them to your service.