Homelessness & COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool

Criteria for a comprehensive local response to COVID-19 and homelessness

Crisis, Groundswell and Pathway have been supporting local areas with their coordinated response to COVID-19 for people experiencing homelessness; developing a number of practical resources to support this.

We have used these to create a set of criteria to map local responses across the country, and enable local areas to “sense-check” their own response. The criteria are purposefully ambitious. The intention is to provide a simple, practical tool to enable you to identify both the strengths of your response, and elements to work on. This is not about monitoring or any other form of scrutiny.  We would love to discuss your experience of the tool, the results from your area (if you are happy to share) and any areas we can support, so please do get in touch.

Download the homelessness & COVID-19 self-assessment tool below

Image of the first page of the homeles and covid-19 self assessment tool